Art Previews!

I know I very infrequently actually put pictures and the like on here.

Well, I’ve been reading too many webcomics lately, and they make me furiously envious of actually good artists, so I scribbled something up today and am now working on it!

It isn’t really finished yet, and it will probably be another week or so (I have school and track team and a whole manner of other occupations and irritating distractions in the coming days, so I wouldn’t be able to do much, especially because my tablet does not accompany me on my ever travel). However, my sister and I (she has done the majority of the coloring, with both of us picking out colors and working on shading) have created some nightmarish monstrosities that I would love to share with the entirety of the internet. As in, whoever stumbles across this blog or is already subscribed or just a friend.

I am pretty sure I misspelled Zumba in one of the lovely samples that are prepared. And if you really don’t want to look at what sorts of horrifying images come up, then you can just imagine, based on the information I’ve given you.


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