The Great Dilemma

Being a lifelong avid reader, I have a strong passion for books, and getting a book is a wonderful experience that often brings me joy.

But a problem that has faced me for years is: when do you buy a book?

Surely you would not want to just arbitrarily buy a book you have not read, only having read the title, the author’s name, and possibly a summary?

But you can’t buy a book you’ve already read, because that’s considered a waste of money (by parents).

But it feels weird just to read a few chapters and then get it. I mean, in all probability, you could just finish it in the store.

Really, the best way to get books is to receive them as gifts, but you can’t just demand books, and sometimes you want to actively seek these beautiful things and make your own decisions. Unsolicited book selection is often frustrating. So what to do?


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