Current Developments

So yeah, I haven’t been putting things up. That’s because I’ve been focusing on school a lot lately and kind of drowning my brain to the point that I can’t write down my thoughts coherently. I suppose that’s okay, because I generally overthink everything and needing to get it out indicates that I’m overflowing.

Still, I get mad at myself if I don’t keep my commitments.

So I’m going to do an academic program this summer in Cambridge, England, where I’m going to have an awesome time and make tons of friends.

I just finished reading Flatland, and I am trying to read Hopscotch by Julio Cortazár, and Paradise Lost is next on my list.

I’ve kind of cut myself off from all my middle school friends for a lot of reasons that I won’t discuss right now.

I am preparing for an internship in the coming weeks, and I intend to participate in developing and carrying out a neurological study, so I’m very excited.

Valentine’s Day weekend I went skiing for the first time and enjoyed myself. I learned on short skis without poles and the first day my foot went numb because my boot was too tight so I went inside after less than an hour, having only gone on the bunny slope two times. The second day I took a two-hour lesson and made it down a beginner’s slope only falling once. The third day I successfully descended an intermediate slope from the very top of the mountain and enjoyed myself. I had delicious dinners and tried to relax.

That is all.

Sorry for being inconsistent.


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