So in my last “post” (ooohh, I’m sounding either professional or angsty now), I mentioned cats and hawks. I’ve been obsessed with both from an almost infantile age, because I grew up with cats, and hawks . . . just because.

Anyway, I said cats because when you try to get a cat out of the way for meowing like crazy for ages and then it doesn’t realize what you want, it just goes to show that cats can’t learn diddly squat from human interactions when it comes to negative reinforcement.

Hawks–well, I’m currently reading H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald, which is a totally fabulous book, and she mentions how it’s stupid to punish hawks because they don’t care about or understand that.

So anyway, as I’ve been poring over books on hawks for ages, meticulously drawing them on everything, I’ve looked into the regulations on falconry in my state because even though I’d like to go to university in another country (like Germany, Scotland, or Norway), I desperately want to be able to do falconry. Because birds of prey have been the only kind of bird that I’ve ever even considered to be worth my attention.

I’m not talking about the value of birds, you can like whichever you please, but I never had more than a brief, passing interest in songbirds and the like. While seabirds are certainly cool, they’ve never quite fascinated me like raptors do.

So while I’ll probably have to wait a long time to even consider getting trained (I don’t want to attend any of the universities in my state so I’d probably have to get licensed in multiple states, and build a mews at both my current house and at wherever I’m living, which probably won’t be a dorm, and if I go internationally then I’ll have to quarantine the bird as well as get licensed, so it’s a big mess), I do want to look into it. And I will spend as much time as humanly possible researching, because that’s what I do when I’m enthusiastic about something and it’s lasted for more than a few months.

And believe me, it’s been years since I realized how awesome I think raptors are.


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