Flying Sheep

I just remembered the other day when I was doodling that I used to make winged sheep with legos.

I didn’t have a lot of legos and I certainly didn’t have very many (any) friends, so I used what I had and started to make freaky-looking ‘flying sheep’. They had a 4×4-knob (I don’t know what to call them) piece for the head and a 2×8 piece for the body. I attached two of the bits of the head to the last two of the body, then took some of the one-knob pieces and used them as ears. I added some as legs, then took two more of the 2×8-knob pieces and attached them to the body just after the head.

I made a bunch of these, until I had a whole pack. I tended to keep the same sheep and change their environment, making them innovative creators or just a primitive tribal society wandering about in the fields.

Why sheep? I don’t know. I didn’t particularly like sheep, I had had minimal experience with them, and they didn’t really resemble sheep. At that time, I was more interested in dragons and wolves and wild cats than domestic animals.

Looking back, I realize that I actually did a lot with them, though I doubt that I have any remote understanding as to why.

Most other people have some sort of “simpler time” stored away in their memory, where they were very happy and didn’t have to concern themselves too much. I don’t really have that, but when I look back upon the instances where I was playing with my pack of winged ungulates, I do it fondly.


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