Paying Attention (a quick anecdote)

I have a bit of a problem with short-term memory sometimes, unless I remain very focused.

When I was in fourth grade, I learned about the Hadean Eon, and at the beginning of the lesson the teacher had put up a CD player that had ambient night sounds. She went on to tell us about how there was no life and there was a lot of instability on the surface of the Earth. I noticed right away that she had made a mistake, there was no life in that period, so the night sounds were out-of-place. About fifteen minutes later, I had become so absorbed in the lesson that I had forgotten about this, so I was very frustrated when she asked what the “blooper” was and someone else answered before I could.

It really makes me want to kick something sometimes. It’s so difficult for me to listen to what someone else is saying and keep in mind what is important to me. I could write it down or decrease sensory input by staring at a wall or closing my eyes, but that would be considered rude.


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