People Studies (1)

It might be rather obvious, but I haven’t been writing often.

Guess I’m kind of sorry about that, though I doubt anyone has been desperately staring at their screen, hitting refresh so many times it is seared into their skull. I’m not that funny and I certainly am not interesting.

Anyway, school work’s been a bit of a bother and being on the swim team has prevented me from having a ton of free time, and I’m rereading Harry Potter because I feel like it. So I have legitimate excuses.

I think I might start doing studies on here of individuals I observe in my daily life–it’s important for writers to take note of their surroundings and perhaps use them to their advantage. Besides, I’m sure everyone wants to relive their high school years through the eyes of a naïve, whiny child. That’s fun!

So today (or this week, or this month, or whatever), I am going to discuss a guy on my bus.

He is in a metal band (I think) and he certainly blasts metal on his earphones and taps his feet to whatever music to which he is listening (he’s a drummer) very loudly and obnoxiously without any regard for other people. He wears those band t shirts you can get at Target (though I’m almost certain that most of the people who buy those at this point have never even listened to Led Zeppelin or Nirvana or Pink Floyd) and he occasionally wears glasses with silver wire frames. He has black, greasy-looking hair and I couldn’t describe his height because I don’t pay attention to that. He’s kind of pale (though not to the horrible degree that I am), and looks rather boring.

He was staring at his phone’s camera this morning, using his fingers to brush his hair heavily into a swirling pattern (one of those silly hairstyles popular with boys these days), and he seemed pretty intent upon it. I mean very. He did this for about two minutes straight, unwavering, digging his phalanges into his scalp, trying to sculpt his hair into perfection. It’s very amusing but also irritating. Why does he experience such pressure to present himself through a small aspect of his appearance?

Oh well. Have I ever mentioned how much I detest tall high schoolers? They’re impossible to pass in a hallway and it seems that they have a tendency to stop in traffic more often than more average- or lower-height people.


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