Random Singing

I used to do it. A friend of mine does it. Annoyingly, some people who sit really close to me in study hall do it.

Sometimes, unsolicited, random singing is really irritating.

Some people do it to calm themselves down, and that’s totally okay. But mostly the people who do it think they’re the most fabulous singers ever (odds are they’re in select choir) and want to show off their fancy talents while other humans are attempting to complete work.

Because they’re so awesome, they can be justifiably inconsiderate.

Sometimes it’s playing music that people really don’t want to hear. A message to the world: I don’t really like rap. Or metal. AND DEFINITELY NOT POP. So don’t play those things loudly in public. From your tinny phone, from a boom box, I don’t care. Just stop.

And if you’re practicing for a concert or a musical, that’s nice. If I want to hear you, then I’ll attend the damn concert. But if I’m trying to find quotes from Lord of the Flies in order to finish an English paper, or I’m leafing desperately through my textbook in search of enthalpy, then I don’t want to listen to you crooning with your friends in your irritatingly pop-influenced voice. Sometimes what song you’re trying to waste my time with doesn’t matter. The fact that you are using your larynx to distract people is enough. Especially if it is coupled with butchering a Beatles song based on a warped version we were forced to do in chorus in middle school (that’s still got me angry).

Also, I don’t want to listen to your ignorant, bigoted conversations, so could you quit with those as well?

This wasn’t directed at anyone in particular. Just people in general. Sort of.


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