Buses and Hallways (Strong Language)

A Letter to Buses and School Hallways:

Fuck you.

Let’s start with buses: you are an enclosed space with metal walls, windows that get stuck, people who complain about when you open windows; people, noises; “music” that people make, play, and sing; and a weird lack of seatbelts–yes, I actually wore them! There are conversations in you that I do not want to hear, obnoxious people with whom I do not wish to converse, and a sudden safety hazard that cannot be fixed.

But most of all, fuck the people who ride the bus. I don’t give a shit if you think it’s “pathetic” that nobody’s talking to one another–we have a right to be quiet, and some people actually want to concentrate on their own things rather than be subjected to torture from other, stupider individuals.

Now let’s move on to hallways.

Hallways, you are a dickhead. That’s a stupid insult, I don’t see why genitals are inherently a rude thing to call someone, they’re just genitals, but supposedly “dickhead” means stubborn and obnoxious, so I’m going to use it.

You are also filled with jerks, and there is an escape, but they all walk so slowly that it’s difficult to reach it–especially when you’re only five foot one (ish) and everyone else is about five eight and they all want to walk four abreast, at a snail’s pace. And after you’ve gotten your hair cut very short for hundreds of reasons but one of them being you don’t want hair in your face, everyone decides to flip their hair, leaving you blinded by the fibers and the smell of products. I don’t want to walk around with hairspray from other people on my face!

After school, if I’m bored and have to wait because I don’t have a ride on a meet day so I can’t go home, and I want to do Rosetta Stone but I feel too awkward when I have to do the vocal stuff, WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE ANY PRIVATE AREA FOR ME TO HIDE IN?! Everywhere I go, people are walking around constantly! I can’t focus or do my work! I get harassed by people who irritated me in seventh grade who thought it was fun to try bothering me again. Sometimes they’re more recent, but I don’t see how my existence is their problem.

It’s difficult to navigate you when you have to dodge teenagers and teachers alike, some of them (regardless of age) standing in the middle of the hallway with a large enough space between to slip through, but it’s still rude so you can’t do it. I have to zigzag and nobody cares because they get to talk about frigging scrotums or makeup or whatever. If people would just walk closely to one another and at a rapid enough pace–

And then there are the very few people who try to walk by me at my own pace and we end up being next to one another–it’s a nightmare.

I hate teenagers. Sometimes your initial impression is that they are down-to-earth, clever, polite people, and then they end up saying something stupid and insulting and possibly very sexist. Then I don’t like you anymore. So go away. I don’t see why I should be forced to be around you.

That all being released, I am very glad to see that there are a few nice people out there, and even though they’ll eventually get bored of me and drift away, I get to know them for a time.

In conclusion: I fucking hate you, buses and hallways. Currently, you are the primary causes of a few banes of my existence. It’s easy to blame you because your presence is the reason I need to be around other people in the first place. I have no interest in dealing with them, so I can take it out verbally on inanimate objects as long as everyone thinks it’s somewhat in jest. Because if I were shouting it at an actual wall, people would think that I am delusional. I’m not. I just like speaking in convoluted fashions about philosophy. And also getting angry at random things.


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