Season Change

I’ve been feeling a little sad lately and have been thinking a lot about happiness and contentment, and that of course can lead to existential crises (which teenagers are wont to have), so to ward it off, however temporarily, I thought I would say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn by drawing a picture of someone looking content enough while listening to my favourite Marconi Union piece (“A Temporary Life”). Because drawing happy people either makes me happier or lonelier. So I thought I’d risk it and make it as lovely as I could without going overboard. I doubt it will live up to my expectations, as my art rarely satisfies me (either I’m bad at it or I have high standards), but while I was making it I felt like it was good enough.

Yes, she is holding a glowing rock. It’s hard to read in the dark so I couldn’t put a book (I am occasionally a realistic person), and I wanted her to be holding something, and people like glowy magical stones.


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