Here’s some more Anecdote

I fell asleep with my eyes open once. It must have been seven years ago now. I still really didn’t have any friends, and I had to ride in a “booster seat” (not a car seat–those were for lame-os) in the car. My old (crummy) school used to have this thing called “travel gym” where for a few weeks we would have a unit of a particular thing and go somewhere for it. We had six or seven weeks of ice skating, we had swimming, we had basketball, and one other thing. Skating was fun even though I was incapable of it (I don’t need to keep bringing up my lack of coordination, I think everyone gets the point–and I actually can skate okay at this point–and okay is now an adverb), I liked swimming just because it was swimming, and I’ll conclude at the bottom with the tale of my first time swimming; and I loathed basketball because I don’t like team sports with rules and stuff, because I’m not a people person and it all requires some ability when it comes to coordination.

Because the school was weird, we had teachers and parents drive us in their cars to the locations, and then drive us back.

I believe it was after swimming that we were coming back. I was extremely exhausted (though we didn’t swim very hard–maybe it was shortly after my insomnia started), and I began to drowse while the car was in motion.

Suddenly, I realized someone was yelling at my and my eyes were very blurry.

“Come on! We know you’re awake! Your eyes are open!” they were shouting.

I was very startled because I could not remotely understand what was going on. Someone had tried to unbuckle my seatbelt and someone else was standing irritably next to me and shoving my shoulder.

I am sure nobody believed that I had called asleep with my eyes open, but why would I have been unresponsive? Because the kids at the school liked playing weird jokes. One time I was closed in a locker by a pair of twins and they called the class to come see a rediscovered princess corpse or something. That was a really long time ago and I can’t understand what their motivation was or why I agreed to it–probably the friendlessness. I stopped agreeing to things immediately after that. I’m quick on the uptake.

The first time I had ever gone swimming was a really long time ago and I can’t recall where it was. I do remember that it concluded with me sitting on a noodle and swimming out to the middle of the pool so my mother couldn’t get me and bring me back home–I was having too much fun. A lifeguard swam out and dragged me back. I’m sure everybody enjoyed that.


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