Where is Empathy?

One of the worst things about being a teenager is the complete lack of respect. It’s not always lack of understanding, that often comes from other things for me–but the fact that grownups might think that they know you gives them the right to treat you horribly by simply saying that you’re “just a teenager” and making cruel statements about the nature of all teenagers–I hate generalizations, and that is one of them. So it’s also hypocrisy when it comes from people like the ones I deal with.

It’s a great reason to want to separate yourself from people and get enveloped in your own little world. It’s not just being obnoxious, it’s trying to get away from the generalizations and the blame and the taunts. I always feel trapped because people are trying to provoke me. I believe in self-defense (yes, I am still a pacifist, I think it should be done as peacefully as possible depending upon the situation), and it hurts to be incapable of doing anything. Other teenagers will provoke me, my parents, strangers who may not even mean it.

I know it’s not the biggest problem in the world, but how hard is it to avoid hurting people’s feelings when you’re capable of seeing them? This insensitivity that everyday people have towards one another is horrifying. I am appalled at how people treat others, and I constantly feel desperate about it. Social interaction, already difficult enough, is greatly exacerbated by the behavior of peers who don’t seem to have any major problems.

I don’t think I will ever understand other humans. But it would be nice if people actually tried to be less hurtful at the very least. It’s no surprise that anyone would want to shut out the world or just vanish. There is a lack of consideration almost every day I try to spend time with people–exhausting, deep, confusing people who can’t seem to see anything at all.


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