One of my favorite dreams is also one of the strangest.

I dreamed I was in a bizarre castle or mansion, but I couldn’t see the outside. It was somewhat cramped; everything with shades of white, grey, or just black–but it was mostly white and occasionally some very pale pastel. There was a lot of fancy furniture with lots of tiny details that were difficult to see because everything was relatively monochromatic. There was one window in this little parlor area, where I spent a lot of time. I couldn’t see through it; it was filled with very bright sunlight.

There was a piano at which some people played occasionally. I was dressed in a pale gown with lots of lace. I was some sort of protected “princess” who was imprisoned in her home, who pretended to be blind. All the people who lived in her weird kingdom ate only crumbly, stale, bubblegum-pink pastry cakes. I wandered around a little bit, and spoke to some students who for some reason were staying in the palace.

I eventually realized that I had very sharp teeth, like those of a shark. I didn’t want to hurt anyone, and I decided to escape. I ran through several rooms whose sole color scheme was white, but there was no furniture, no detail, and no windows, so everything was darkened to a sort of bluish hue.

I escaped and wandered around in a very cold, very badly-lit store. Its floors were grubby tiles and the shelves were made of painted-white wires. There was a crowd of people with strangely-shaped heads who were equipping themselves either for a celebration or a storm. They didn’t recognize me and I kept feeling how sharp my teeth were.

I don’t entirely remember what happened after that, but I thought it felt very strange to sort of possess this sort of dangerous, unnoticed power and still give the impression of frailty and dependence. I think I felt lonely during the dream, but also a deep sense of security and confidence in myself that I was unaccustomed to.


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