How to Socialize with Children and Make them Like You

Really, it’s rather simple. Google something random, make silly jokes. Play the games they want to the way they want to, don’t correct them the way you would correct an adult–really sugarcoat it and gently mention the problem–casually. Be funny. Make jokes about something. For example: I used to read Warriors, by Erin Hunter, though I didn’t read them in order and I noticed that the fan websites and fan art tended to overwhelm the actual books. It wasn’t an obsession, but a friend of mine liked it, and so I knew a bit about the series. Today, I invented a cat called Squirrelfeet and made a false fan fiction of it. Here it is:


a romance by Noah Jameson.

Squirrelfeet padded gently across the clearing, purring. The stars was brit tonihgt. Squirrelfeet’s undisclosed gender had better get you excited. Now scream. Keep screaming. Ohh, clouds. Firestar and the Scourge and also Tigerstar started dancing around on a tree branch. Mikasa screamed “Arigato!” and killed everyone the end.

The spelling was intentionally terrible and it was just a joke, but it split sides. That is all that matters.

I don’t really have anything to say, because I’m tired.


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