Childhood Television Shows

I don’t know if the intention of children’s TV is to frustrate its viewers, but that is what happened to me. Shows like FranklinMiss Spider’s Sunnypatch FriendsOswald (maybe?), Ruby and Max, occasionally 64 Zoo Lane, and others were the main perpetrators. I also watched some other things like Maggie and the Ferocious Beast and Little Bear (a favorite of my parents, and I called them “Mother” and “Father” for a little while), and, at an even younger age, Teletubbies–but they didn’t cause this problem to such an extent.

The problem: I loathed the characters. Someone was being rude or even cruel, and eventually the problem was resolved, no hard feelings, and all was forgiven. I detested it. I wanted representation. I wanted revenge. I just couldn’t understand why everyone was so accepting and tolerant of misbehavior on the parts of their peers. It made me angry.

The only reason I continued watching is because I was often transfixed by a specific image. I remember in Miss Spider’s Sunnypatch Friends there was some sort of web suspended between two tree branches, and one of the characters was moving along it in little compartments or something, and I loved it, and that was one of the reasons for that one. And in The Little Mermaid II, which I watched at an acquaintance’s house for no real reason–I didn’t care for the characters or the plot, as with everything–but the glowing purple snowflake-thing that was dropped onto the protagonists’ leg by Ursula’s sister or whoever, that kept me watching, because I was obsessed with the way it looked. Those images stayed in my head.

But I couldn’t stand the plots, the narrative, the characters, and the conclusions, because they conflicted very strongly with my emotional responses to each episode. I couldn’t bear them. So I ignored them to the best of my ability.

And does anyone know of a (Scottish?) television show with CGI pigs who live in a little shack? There was an episode where one of the characters, exhausted by all the cabbages they were forced to eat, had a nightmare that everyone was turning into cabbages, and, upon waking, said “Mum, dad! You’re not cabbages, are you?” I can’t remember the title of the show but it’s stuck with me.


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