Dream Journal 3

I often have dreams about small spaces, water (particularly waves), and blindness or near-blindness.

Last night, all of these things came together into some bizarre story arc that lasted so long I am forgetting lots of details (which might make you breathe a sigh of relief, as I often go into a great amount of specificity when recounting my dreams).

There was something about a lakeside beach and a cave where a large group of children was being held. The walls were rough and pale grey, and I remember feeling cold quite a lot, and stung, like when you get a scrape or are hit by a branch in the autumn and it hurts your skin.

I think it was Halloween or something, and we were supposedly trapped down there for a long time. A person whose gender, name, and face I cannot remember but I identified as a friend was with me (it might have been male?), and we had a variety of types of mint gum, and as the people wouldn’t give us food or clean water for two weeks, that’s what we supplied for the others.

We had been escorted into the cave by a weird-looking woman and some burly men. Nobody had fought, except I had tried to escape in a previous dream (sometimes my dreams repeat in a night, but I never have recurring dreams–and there are always slight variations. It’s like “Monday”, that episode of The X-Files.) Something wrong had happened to my vision and it was very difficult to see out of my right eye; most of it was obscured by grey. I could only see a sliver at the very bottom.

At some point, I was forced to climb out of a tight “bathroom” that was half the size of that of an airplane stall, and very slippery, and it twisted. The weird lady was chasing us, and my prior-mentioned companion and a good friend of mine had already escaped. They instructed me to climb outside through an emergency exit panel that was about eight inches wide. I pulled my shoulders in and fit. My actual friend had been clawed by the crazy lady and there was blood on her right eye. She was okay though, and I was the blinded one, so I suppose it was fine.

After we escaped, we were in London, trapped on a strange bridge covered with water, with massive, icy cold waves rushing toward us. We had to swim into the waves, and we couldn’t see through them. They were very dark blue and came in consistent swells. The bridge was only about ten feet across and I was surprised that no water sloshed over the edges. My friend (the real one) suggested that it was purified water for drinking, because it wasn’t green, and therefore was sterilized. I got cut somehow and my blood started appearing on the freezing metal of the bridge.

Eventually we made it to the slight dam where the water was coming from. There was a door in it and after we pushed through to find ourselves at a competitive swimming pool, which was very brightly colored in contrast to the previous scenes, with bright white walls and turquoise blue water.

It was organized much like a track meet; with everyone standing (in this case treading water) on the starting point, organized in heats, and a guy with a starting gun. To be honest, I’ve never attended a swim meet, but before I say “for all I know, this is accurate”, I will mention that there was a curve to the right, a slope going up about thirty feet behind that corner, and everybody had to hold kickboards. So no, it was not accurate.

As I dragged myself up the slope, I saw a massive wave made entirely out of kickboards come rushing down. I managed to clamber on top of it and run over that, and I finished in second (after turning slightly left into a very cramped space.

Someone told me it was a daring move and she would be surprised if I weren’t to get kicked out of the competition for that. Yet she sounded admiring.

It was a very long, very strange dream, and this is all I can recall from it. I know there was a lot more stuff on the beach and there was more discussion to do with my blinded eye, and possibly some stuff to do with protecting my sister, but I find it really fuzzy–probably because I woke up partway through that part of the dream, around two in the morning, then fell back to sleep and did it over again, but differently.

It is really weird how often, when I can remember my dreams, they involve water and small spaces I have to climb through, or waves I have to swim against. There are a specific set of recurring themes and objects that appear in them as well, and maybe I will make a list and write it down, and while it might seem very lengthy, when you think about how much an individual dreams, it’s pretty short and specific. And bizarre.

At some point, I’ll post my favorite dream–and I don’t know why it’s my favorite, but it really sticks with me.


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