Weird thought of the day:

Imagine getting to be a massage model. You would get to be massages by professionals and that would be your job.


I used to hate naps.

I refused to sleep any time but at night (after a certain age, I mean–infants will sleep and wake up and a whim), and detested when other people inconveniently decided that it was a good idea to “close their eyes for a minute”, which, of course, extended well over an hour and caused problems for everyone when one of us wanted to go out to eat while they were still in bed.

Lately, however, my insomnia has been taking an unusual form: not being satisfied by sleep. I imagine there are cases of feeling this way that are more severe than mine, but it sucks.

Some of you might be thinking “Why on earth is she just going on about her problems? She does this all the time and it’s getting annoying!” Well, dear reader, the purpose of my blog has always been to tear myself open and display the pulsating organs of my soul for all to see. So now you know why I write.

Returning to naps.

In the past week, I’ve taken a few naps, because I’ve been either suddenly or consistently drowsy throughout the day and needed desperately an opportunity to chill. Plus, if you suddenly feel dizzy and you’re one of two people in the house, one of whom doesn’t give half a fart about whether you’re possibly going to pass out or not, you think maybe the best course of action is to remove your contacts and let it all melt away into weird dreams about camps, bed and breakfasts, and attempting to ride a motorcycle through the southwest for no reason whatsoever.

I keep waking up feeling significantly more rested (sometimes), and somewhat disoriented (What? Why was I attending yet another weird summer camp constantly surrounded by darkness and weird people? And then I flew around a bit again. Weird.)

Now I am hungry and will make myself some lovely meat.


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