Never Give Up. Niemals Aufgeben.

You know what sucks when learning a language? Wanting to give up.

People have been telling me: German is hard. And yes, while I knew that and understood that (I took Latin for a while, tell me that’s not hard), I was determined. I thought that German culture was fascinating and I desperately wanted to understand the lovely tongue. That brings a strange image to mind.

And a lot of people are surprised when I admit to them that I think German is beautiful. They say things like, “Really?” (they sort of recoil–I can even hear it over the phone). “But . . . it–it’s so difficult! . . . You like it?” As though I’m super masochistic or something.

Today, I temporarily lapsed into despair. The grammar is hard, I have some amount of difficulty with declining and adjective agreements (I confuse things like “faster” for “fast” on masculine nouns–please don’t yell at me, it’s just because I’m not investing enough of my attention). I thought “Why did I bother? Am I delusional? I’ll never learn German!”

But then the moment of truth came, when I knew that the Invisible Pink Unicorn decided that it was my mission to learn German. While I was practicing, I was going over modal verbs and was totally surprised when I correctly translated several sentences. “But I don’t know these!” I said somewhat loudly, even though my only company was my evil cat who doesn’t give Hälfte eine Scheiße about German.

Filled with joy, my frustration disappeared and I continued to play around with my language learning programs. Yay!

The moral of this story is: get over it; suck it up; and, whatever you think, want, or do, keep going. No matter how frustrated you get. You’re betraying your own dream and will regret it.

Maybe it’s easier to say this, being fifteen years old.


One thought on “Never Give Up. Niemals Aufgeben.”

  1. Ich finde Deutsch auch eine schöne Sprache, aber es ist gar nicht einfach!! Du brauchst wirklich viel Zeit zu lernen und ein kleines bisschen geduld. Ich spreche Deutsch fast jeden Tag und ich mache immer noch viele fehler, haha so du bist nicht alleine! Kennst du jemand desen Muttersprache Deutsch ist? Das hat mir sehr geholfen!
    Liebe grüße, Robyn!


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