Dream Journal 2

I dreamed about the weird school again–but only briefly. (Have you ever noticed that word is spelled Brie and fly?) I had to get my schedule from some happy guy, and then I kept losing it, and people kept taking my backpack.

So then I ran down a hallway and got into this weird world that looked like a sort of crowded empty city with just one big room for each building, with way too many windows. Darkness and light were often juxtaposed here.

Apparently, this took place in the future, and the world had been overpolluted at sea level, so everyone was moving to higher areas of altitude.

I played a timid long-haired woman who I think was a ghost or something whose name was Mira. I used to have a friend by that name, and she had long dark hair, so it could have been a reminder of her, though she had a completely different personality.

She was married or partnered with some very assertive guy, and they lived in this weird post-apocalyptic world together. He had a knife or something to defend himself from other people, and Mira had a glowing tablet that she knew would protect them from the real enemy here, which was ghosts.

Mira and her husband-y guy, who I didn’t really like but he wasn’t abusive or anything, lived in this weird cluttered room and went out only one time of day (I can’t remember if it was night or during the daylight hours, and I know that sounds like a weird detail to forget, so I’m sorry). They often spent the night at other weird buildings (which, again, only composed of one room), even though they were creepy as hell. Often they were cream-colored, there were massive (2m x 2.1m) windows with blinds that only closed 7/8 of the way down, candles, and a ceiling I never was able to look at.

There was some sort of weird little boy or something with us, but he kept disappearing and he didn’t play a major role.

Mira and her husband kept traveling back and forth between a variety of places, always returning to the same place. Eventually I decided it would be a good idea to leave this weird wasteland, so I suggested we move . . .

I had no idea where we were, but I have this weird thing about the west, because I’m from the east, something to do with association, and also because I can reliably state information about the east, and everything is far closer together in the east, so I said we should move to the mountains in the east.

We started our journey, then got stuck in a building, closed the blinds as far as they could go, shut the lights off, used three candles of light, and got ready to go to sleep.

Mira did some weird stuff I can’t really remember either–she hid under her covers and messed around with pebbles or something. She and her husband fell asleep in beds about six feet away from each other. I kept getting the feeling that Mira and her husband didn’t connect very well. It felt as though she were more knowing–being aware, for example, that the light of tablets scare away ghosts; while her husband is ignorant–and therefore more powerful than him.

She decided to have another child (I guess the guy from before was her kid?), and she seemed pretty smug about it. She got her hair cut–in the morning, while her husband was returning to the original house, which made me nervous–by some friend of hers who just drifted in. She didn’t say much, but she was very peppy and such. It took her ages to get all the thick long hair together, and then she snipped it.

It looked very strange–Mira’s hair was very thick and dark, and looked like curls made out of rope. I can still remember the weight on my head and the feeling of the texture–could have been me tangled in blankets and digging my head into the pillow.

Her friend dyed it a medium-shade blue, then continued cutting to make it a sort of thick halo around Mira’s head. Then she may have dyed it a lighter color, like strawberry blond.

Mira, feeling smug, got up, grabbed her things, and walked back to find her husband, who I think was discovering another couple in this wacky town.

There were more details than these, and they made me intrigued by this world, and I am sorry I cannot share them, because I am drowsy, and I was woken up for a run in a few minutes by a Beatles song playing obnoxiously loudly because I forgot to turn the volume down. If I remember anything else, I will update, but this may be the best I can do for last night.


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