Do most bloggers hate spiders? Or just the ones who bother to mention them?

I have absolutely nothing against spiders, and actually like them. They’re better than mosquitoes, ticks, lice, yellow jackets, gnats, and ants. Those are the only “bugs” I genuinely detest. And most of them, I’m not afraid of.

I’ve seen some cool spiders. Walking down my driveway one day, I noticed a massive, orange one with awesome legs and about an inch in diameter (imagine spiders are circles). It may have been a pumpkin spider, but the “neon orange spider” I found on my google searches didn’t quite resemble the beauty I found on my way back home from school that day.

I could argue all the wonderful benefits of the existence of spiders–ecosystem stability, cool webs, mathematics (probably–wasps inspired paper-making!), myths (Arachne was one of my favorite Greek myths as a child), et cetera–but I feel it is somewhat unnecessary.

Now: arachnophobia. One can hate spiders and not be an arachnophobe. People claim it because it, like the word Nazi, has suddenly become possessed of a nebulous meaning in the vernacular. For example: grammar Nazi. It doesn’t make sense. Nazis are anti-homosexual, anti-semitic, racist white-supremacist fascists who believe ethnic cleansing is a good idea and it’s okay to experiment with dangerous chemicals on non-white, non-heterosexual, non-christian, or disabled individuals. And that is very bad. “Grammar Nazi” is a terrible thing to call someone. Nazis are bad people. Someone can be strict about enforcing grammatical rules in order to sustain a relatively clear, accurate, and effective communication system within a language–but that is not Nazism. And hating or even being a little nervous around spiders is not arachnophobia.

I hate when people kill things for no reason. (That was a terrible transition, I’m sorry.) Even though I admit I dislike wasps and the like (one bee sting, two yellow jacket stings, only fifteen years), I do not rejoice at the thought of just taking the lives of various organisms for no reason. Spiders, as I like them, are not allowed to be wantonly destroyed (by me. It’s not like there’s a universal rule declaring that I can punish you. I can’t prevent you from taking out your pretty wrath on an arachnid just because).

I’m pretty sure I’m not the first blogger who brought up spiders and defended them (to a small extent, and going off on a few tangents), but it would be nice if there were more people who didn’t decide to be somewhat speciesist and say “let’s kill all the spiders!” Because that’s not fair to innocent spiders.


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