Something Unusual

Yesterday, I had to cut my jog short because of a prior injury. Running up a very steep hill a few months ago, I caused a great amount of arch pain. I got shoe inserts, wore them for a few days, took them out, and was fine. I just won’t go on that hill again without a car.

Two days ago, my running partner and I did fartleks up and down my street with a total of two miles. I don’t sprint very much and I’m lenient if not lazy with stretching, so my hamstrings hurt. She was also in some amount of pain.

We intended to do a five-mile loop that we did last week–it’s a nice run, if you ignore the several consecutive (though they’re really just piled) hills you have to run up.

About a mile from our starting point, we took a break, as with our last run. It was the only convenient place to stretch along the entire route. However, I’ve had a stiff neck for a few days (not fun to kayak with that), my hammier hurt, and my arch was just starting to give me that ache again–so we agreed to walk back, no problems. Pain is something you sometimes don’t need to push through.

My arch got worse as we walked along, and eventually she offered to carry me.

I reminded her that I weigh about 114 pounds, and she sarcastically said that it might be too difficult for her. So I clambered onto her back, because my foot hurt, and she was being ridiculously considerate.

It was disgustingly muggy, and we were sweaty, so it was a workout in and of itself to try to cling to her with my knees and arms. I got on and off a few times as we walked, as we both needed a break from our attempts at piggyback, but I still was in increasing pain as we walked onward, so I kept scrambling desperately back on.

I don’t know how many drivers have seen one jogger carrying another, so this may have come as a shock to some of the people passing by us in their vehicles. At one point I could see a man in a collared shirt driving by, staring at us through his windshield.

At the beginning of the run, my friend had used Spotify to choose a song for our pace, so as I rode piggyback, there were dramatic drums playing in the background at a rate of 170 steps per minute. Unfortunately I had thought the “Epic” category was a good idea, so we briefly became warriors heroically carrying our comrades across broken, hostile terrain–if you could call the relatively occasionally-trafficked, tree-surrounded street hostile.

At one point I noted a red-shouldered hawk feather in the road, and as I like to pick up feathers, I then went the rest of the way with it. I imagine it’s unusual for a jogger carrying a feather to be riding on the back of another jogger. I hope I’ve somehow made someone’s day interesting by the whole experience.

At least my foot’s better. I iced it after I got home.


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