Future Comics

Due to lack of restraint, I will continually publish the wittiest comics I can muster, and probably won’t decide, “hmm, maybe I should schedule this for later rather than waste all of my best (if ineffective) attempts at talented cartoons today”. So there will be long dry spells, but luckily my life is weird enough and filled with enough coincidences and time to speculate that I will come up with something often enough–maybe every week or so at the least. Several times a day at the most.

Not that I think anyone cares, I just happen to hate inconsistencies, even though I want to mentally support other people whose creative spells are sporadic like mine. And yet . . . I detest not having any information about the frequency of releases, because then I might give up on that person.

So in order to prevent that, I am leaving this post. Right now. Yay. Sudden inspiration is sudden and irritating, but I don’t like to irritate people (it’s myself. Me. I’m the one I’m irritating).



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