Random Attacks

I am uncertain as to the identity of the perpetrator or precise mode of attack, however, I have enough evidence to file assault and battery charges against something–be it a bee or a horsefly.

After a lovely five-mile jog with a good friend of mine this morning, I returned home and took my dog out for a walk. Upon my re-return, ten feet from my door, I experienced an overwhelming pain in my leg and screamed, then swore repeatedly, gripping my calf in confusion and something bordering on mild agony.

After screaming a little more, I made my way inside and proceeded to have an unpleasant morning. The Benadryl has made me drowsy and now I lie on the couch in our family room, with the blinds down and the lights out, but my house has lots of windows so it’s not exactly dark. The cat is snoozing beside me. I am probably going to get a stiff neck from all my fun time wasting on YouTube. My leg hurts a little bit–there’s a lovely big welt on it with a puncture wound, but at least the swelling has gone down and there’s no pain unless I touch it. Or think too hard about it, weirdly.

Insects suck, and random attacks are not justified. This message applies also to humans.


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