Dream Journal 1

A few nights ago, I dreamed that I had to take three more days of final examinations, set forth by the military. I was desperately trying to figure out which classes I might have skipped.

Then I went to find my biology teacher, because my first examination was with her. The school looked different, and when I walked into her room, my English teacher was in the class.

Last night, I again dreamed of this weirdly warped school.

A hideous man in a grey office that more resembled a depressing toddler’s indoor playground, and I think he was the nurse, told me I needed an extra textbook (it was red, shiny, and about the size of a cardboard children’s book). I didn’t have any of my school supplies. I didn’t even have a backpack. It was the first or second day and I had nothing that I needed, including a schedule.

My first class was Advanced English II, in a room filled with small, skinny girls wearing pink and red and lots of makeup and jewelry. My friend, who for some reason or other decided not to take the class (in reality), was sitting a few desks away from me, with a pale green stripe dyed in her hair. She ignored me when I asked her for help.

We discussed famous animators who had graduated from the school, and then about a play called “Littoral Loop” involving gigantic ravens in red coats, which led me to fly around the room for a few seconds.

After the class ended, I was in a green hallway. There was a strange woman with bright red lips, a strawberry-blond ponytail, and big pearl earrings. I had a panic attack because I was worried and stressed out about everything. I asked the woman if I could call my mother, and she said yes. I can’t remember if my mom picked up. I called my math/science teacher from sixth grade (one of my favorite teachers ever) and she appeared in the hallway and told me everything would be fine. I attempted to call my father, but I received a woman from some company, and I told her she had the wrong number, even though I was the one who had dialed.

Afterwards, I had to go to an assembly. The room had a very low ceiling and dark grey cement walls. Only a few people were there. I saw a good friend of mine and spoke with her about my problem. Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer was there, wrapped in ratted blankets, crying, and sweating like he was very sick. I was holding him, and, concerned, trying to comfort him, but instead my mouth said juvenile things to him, taunting him obnoxiously.

After that, I sat outside in a field behind a fence with some bizarre creatures, one of which was some sort of female bird-oid, another might have been a bee or a dog. Staring up at the clouds, I spoke with the creatures and we bonded a little. I thought something along the lines of “Establishing friendship to speed the plot“. I fell asleep. I thought I woke up and found the others had gone, captured by a strange inverted version of the bee, but it was a dog, and I never saw its face–always a silhouette. I got past the fence, to the left of which there was a cave in which there were memorials to the bee, as it had been captured and killed by the inverted version. I left and ran parallel to the fence, and it was behind me. I was filled with impending fear as it caught up to me, and I turned upside-down, and then I realized that I had been poisoned by it and it was a dream. I was trapped and it told me it was an invisible serpent or something like that.

I was saved by the female possibly bird-thing and tried to get away, but I had been poisoned. Outside, it was snowing, and somehow I summoned the snow, which was actually magical bees, and using tai chi controlled them and fought the serpent-dog-inverted-bee away. That was abnormal for my dreams, as generally I am prone to trying to escape by running or flying.

The magic white bee colony and I went to a strange gift shop. In this shop there were little plastic purses with Japanese on them, lots of candy-colored t-shirts and swimwear, and some snow globes that had pictures of weirdly drawn people on them suggesting that the bees had helped people before, but the strength came from the individual they assisted.

I thanked the magic bees and asked them if they were familiar with time travel, hoping they could get me my school supplies from the past. I wanted to find Spike again and see if he was okay. The bees teleported the things I needed and I was filled with relief.

Instead of going off to help Spike, I was playing with strange plastic dinosaur toys with two of the bee girls, and I for some reason called the tyrannosaurus a “triceratops”, and just before I woke up I got mad and tried to get myself to go find Spike.


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