Maybe I should just rename this “Watchtower in the Clouds”, seeing as there is no difference

At Desert Point at the Grand Canyon the other day, I saw a watchtower. It was too hot to climb up into, a decision I do not regret; and there were a lot of people, which was rather unpleasant.

As we were leaving, I heard a guy say “I wonder what a lighthouse is doing here”. Ignoramus.

Logic would lead one (even one as ignorant as that man) to realize that, as there are no boats or ports in the Grand Canyon, the structure was not a lighthouse. Also, there were multiple signs saying “watchtower”. And I like “All Along the Watchtower”, but it would be a bit weirder if all of these people were wandering around inside of a lighthouse instead.

Mostly, this trip has been hot and dry, and osmosis has forced my eyes to surrender what liquid they can and then kicks them and leaves them by the side of the road, parched and thoroughly robbed.

My favorite place has been Valley of the Gods, because the population density is so low, it is ridiculously quiet, and the bed and breakfast there was fantastic.

Currently I am in Sedona, which feels like Disneyworld, because the buildings all look fake. After going on a lovely walk this evening, I spotted a small snake on the ground. It was about four inches long, very thin, red, with black stripes. My mother and I weren’t certain whether it was a coral snake or king snake, and then we saw another one, and began to get a little paranoid. I know the difference, but it was dark and I couldn’t see the bands very clearly–getting close wasn’t a plausible option, so we just hurried back to the room and though I think the insulation is sufficient here, one may not know for sure. Mom advised that we shake our shoes out on the morrow, though I don’t see how productive that would be. The snake would then be irritable and active and on the floor, potentially further endangering us.

I’m a little tired right now, so I doubt that this will be very coherent. But I thought I’d just say a few things (now it feels like a funeral).

I am very hungry. I’ve had two dinners today. I want more food.


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