The World

I don’t remember the first time I saw a bird soaring, but often I take it for granted. Sometimes, I come to the realization that it appears that nothing is holding it up, and I am astounded. I also feel this way when watching clouds–especially from the window of an airplane.

It’s impossible to fully recognize the way our world works through the naked eye. It’s far too complex for that. It’s had plenty of time to develop, and it is this way because of a complex system involving a rather limited set of rules–and that’s amazing, because there are billions of other way that it might have turned out–theoretically. Maybe this way was inevitable, using those limited rules. And it’s fantastic. And beautiful.

Humanity came along and experienced and survived and expanded, and now so many people are gifted with the opportunity to experience the world before inevitably being extinguished. Our squabbles–all of them–are petty and temporary and irrelevant. The world is how it developed and no matter how we delude ourselves, it merely is, without command from us. We are subject to it. We cannot create giant space beings with lasers, they either are or aren’t. We cannot determine that.

Each of us, if we are capable, is very lucky to see something as fantastic as a bird flying; or a cloud drifting across the sky to be distributed over the world, always to cycle back again.


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