Is where I am right now. There is no daylight saving time (yay). The “green” here is pathetic (boo). It’s well over a hundred degrees during the day (my eyeballs are melting off). I am not looking forward to driving long distances. However, the name is right. It is a pretty arid zone.

Tomorrow, the Grand Canyon. Maybe tonight some sleep. The jet lag will get me. I normally wake at 5:00, which will be even more problematic here. Especially as I am a voracious person with a high metabolism, and will be in need of feeding in the morning.

I am sharing a lovely room with my sister and had a fantastic dinner a few hours ago. The hunger is returning. Avoid airplane food at all costs. It only makes you want to never eat again.

For some reason, the TSA likes me and lets me not take off my shoes. Maybe it’s something about being a petite white brunette who inexplicably is always asked for an ID, despite being a minor. How is that not clear? Am I just the irritating embodiment of YA fiction protagonists (with shorter hair)?


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