I like learning languages, as I may have expressed before. It’s very exciting and there is a lot of a appeal and I can list a bunch of awesome benefits to it. However, I do have one major complaint that applies to my overall learning experience, not just an issue I take with one particular language: the sentences.

Often, random phrases in French or German just run around my head for an entire day, possibly even a week. I know it’s a part of learning the language, but it’s so frustrating saying, mentally, things that are either never going to come up in reality, or things that are slightly disturbing.

German people can probably tell that I’m not wearing a necktie. The French most likely don’t particularly care that I didn’t have friends when I was eight. Most people (even in Germany) do eat every day.

When it started with German, I had been using Rosetta Stone pretty much every day and was so frustrated with this happening that I tried to cancel it out by screaming at myself to shut up, or by reading in French. Which was wonderful, because I wasn’t really trying very hard to learn French. But then it began to spread, like necrotic tissue, across the Bridge of Tongues.

I can attempt to stop it by actually speaking relevant sentences in one of the languages (English doesn’t work, it’s too easy now that I’m fluent in my first language), and I succeeded in using a French accent while speaking English for the first time–by accident–so I guess that’s a small victory.

But if you want to learn another language, you have to be strong, because it’s difficult to fully conquer the beast that is your brain attempting to be helpful.


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