I love to go through old things. Our closets are stocked with a myriad of useful and seemingly useless items. There are big cardboard boxes containing all sorts of fascinating stuff. I often need something or other that I haven’t seen in years before suddenly being sucked into a vortex of miscellaneous forgotten things.

Coated lightly with dust and garage-dirt, I crouch or kneel or strain to reach beside boxes and gather old things about me. I don’t imagine using the things most of the time, merely possessing them is exciting. I want to keep this book and that camera and this bizarre thing. . . .

I was very excited when I got my record player, because all of that vinyl became available to appreciate. I hated the boxes, because they were not cardboard, they were weird plastic frameworks made into boxes, and they hurt to carry, especially with twenty or thirty pounds of weight in there.

Every now and then, I find old toys, or something to ask my parents about the origin of, and it’s all very exciting.

But I like new things too. For my Halloween costume, I already have an idea of what I want in my head a matter of months after the previous one. I go onto Amazon and specialized websites and create a list (unbeknownst to my mother) categorizing and prioritizing items, listing prices and links (and images if possible) and slowly eliminating them. Then, eventually, I’ll talk to my mom about it (still in about August or September), and show her the links. Then she’ll procrastinate a little while before agreeing to help me get my stuff–but generally, instead of purchasing the things I planned out on a somewhat obsessive level, she takes me out to get stuff too–even though I calculated the price to be only 67.89 if we used Amazon and the other websites.

Oui, I like stuff. Cependant, (as the French say), I am not particularly materialistic. I just like the feeling of discovery and perhaps a lopsidedly-developed comprehension of time and use. But it’s fun.


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