One of the Great Things

Sometimes, you get lucky, and you find the best people.

I find that the ones I tend to like are tolerant, intelligent, kind, energetic, and understanding. That was not the case for a long time. Admittedly, I didn’t really like anyone then, but I tried. And yet, I spent most of my years without coming across the good people. I didn’t keep friendships very well at that point.

And often I ask myself why they have any interest in maintaining a relationship with me. I feel like I’m very self-centered and inconsiderate and picky, and I doubt that I’m the kind of person I would want to befriend. I think I’d be either frustrated or intimidated.

And yet there are all of these individuals to whom I can speak almost completely freely, and they will continue to be kind to me and express interest and support.

Being accepted is pretty much the most wonderful thing in the world. I am very grateful for being able to experience it. It’s the most rewarding reason to interact with other people. It’s one of the great things that can keep me feeling safe–and alive.


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