Shower Singing

I, in the fashion of many individuals, will sing in the shower. I replicate, to the best of my ability, my favorite songs of my preferred artists. Generally, I’ll finish the song, unless I don’t actually know it. I will not attempt to recreate sound effects unless I am trying to play out the bridges in order to recall the next line.

However, my sister does not shower sing, per se. She shower noises. She makes the sound effects–all those irritating falsetto “ahhhh”s and the trembly noises people tend to make in pop music. And she does it repeatedly. Just singing the same lines.

Maybe it’s the song–I know that a lot of the music she likes repeats an irritating chorus five or six times in a row before concluding–and I’m not judging her music, because she has a right to her own tastes. I’m just saying that the structure of the songs she likes is immensely frustrating.

And she sings the songs loudly. Every time she showers. She ends up actually taking a longer time because she has to make her music. And regardless of requests, demands, pleas, or shouting from the other members of the family, she continues. Sometimes in a softer voice, which eventually returns to all of its full-bodied, passionate glory; sometimes she just entirely disregards our wishes.

It’s been difficult, as I haven’t been sleeping well and finals are jumping around like overenthusiastic, energetic, and hideously misshapen dogs, and studying isn’t really easy for me to do without near-silence.

I like to do it before bed because it allows the information to settle in my mind. There are studies and science to back it up that sleep is really good for memory–and it’s probably also common knowledge, but I’m too out-of-touch to be aware of it.

And she won’t stop.

I have a few things about your beautiful shower-solo to say (this being addressed in general and not specifically to my lovely soror):

Do not force your music upon other people. Not everyone has the same taste in artists or genres as you.

Do not be disruptive with your music. Maybe you’re unabashed and brazen, and don’t care if people listen in, maybe you’re terrified of the thought that someone might actually hear you. Nevertheless, you must be discreet and quiet if other people are present. It respects their comfort zones, a concept I am well-acquainted with, and it probably respects yours too. Because they could be studying for a very difficult, very important exam. Or maybe they’ve got a migraine. Perhaps they’ve had a long, bad day. Or maybe they’re just very, very tired. In any case, respect that and don’t exacerbate their situation.

Don’t lengthen your shower time just because you want to let your feelings out. I understand the need to just throw a few notes (and maybe some powerful lyrics) out into the enclosed space of the bathroom, but do not just keep going, wasting water, energy, and time, when other people on this planet need those resources as well (though time generally affects you the most, unless you work in an ER or are a surgeon or something when your time is everybody’s time).

Please do not think I am infringing upon the rights of shower-singers worldwide; it’s just that there are limitations to such an exciting and wonderful sport, mostly regarding consideration towards other individuals.


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