I’m kind of bored right now, so I guess I’m going to try to write this blog post.

I’m also hungry. And procrastinating on studying for my final exams.

I suppose I should talk about something.

When I was little, I had some opportunities to be bilingual. My mom’s dad was a Spanish professor, so naturally she was fantastic at the language. She tried to teach it to me (not to a great extent though) and failed. I hated my Spanish teachers in school as well, so I learned to detest a perfectly good and undeserving language. My dad’s parents knew Hebrew, Romanian, Italian, German, Schweizerdeutsch, French, and English, but somehow nothing ever happened there.

So when given the choice in Middle School, I picked Latin. It was certainly an interesting language, though I was never particularly dedicated to it, nor was I anywhere near capable of speaking it.

The problem is, Latin teachers are hard to find, and good ones are far rarer. The big flaw in growing up and going to a new school.

Right now, I’m taking French 3, even though it’s my first year of French. I’m kind of finishing the year though, so I’m not really seasoned at French, but now I have a little more experience. And it’s fun.

And then I, for some reason, thought I should try to learn German as well. After the death of my grandfather. Great idea, right? Just wait until it’s too late to become inspired.

So for a few months I was desperately trying to find some way to learn German. I tried an audiobook, which I promptly loathed because I couldn’t see the words (I like having things drawn in front of me; I’ve always been iffy on pronunciation and stuff like that and I’m very easily distracted). Eventually I got a Rosetta Stone, which has been bloody fantastic but annoying for grammar because it’s immersive and practice because everything’s a test and there’s no goofing around. So I’ve been fiddling with free internet resources and have been wasting time, and now I’m thinking random phrases in German that don’t even really make sense (like “I am not wearing a necktie” and “I have no friends” and other weird things), and suddenly, out of the blue, I managed to start thinking a few things in French as well. And I had my French final today and I could actually read the article with minimal mental translation, actually understanding what was being said. Which is fun and mind-blowing. French is suddenly easier than German (I know, right?) and I want to continue with both.

Now I’m hungry. If anyone is reading this, happy Unbirthday. I don’t have anything to say to you, or any understanding as to why you are reading this. I just wanted to have yet another creative outlet to use only occasionally, and maybe for a few days straight obsessing over before finding a new interest. Maybe this will be a nice way to look into the past once I’ve gone to University.

Unicorns in jumpsuits!

That was just a thing that popped into my head that I didn’t want to forget in the future.

Hello future me! I hope you’re not fuming or crying or being all nostalgic or something.

Anyone who is eavesdropping on my time- and space-spanning conversation, what do you think you are doing? You’ll get the wrong impression about me. If you aren’t already acquainted with me.


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